Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flashcards for Black Kids: ABC ME!

I was on Facebook last week when a friend of mine posted about a new set of flashcards for black kids. Immediately intrigued (and quite excited!), I clicked on the link and within minutes, I had an e-mail out to the creator applauding her idea and product.

I have been a long-time advocate of products for black children, and I'm thrilled to see so many fabulous products being created in recent months. 

Meet my new friend Leilani Brooks, co-owner of ABC ME flashcards. And please find the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California immersed in diversity. Diverse friends, diverse schools, you name it. As I became an adult I saw that our country wasn't so diverse in their thinking or treatment of others. Namely the minorities. I began to worry for my children who are African American and how they will be treated in a world that tells them that greatness comes in the form of being a platinum rap artist, or a reality star with a raging temper. And so while homeshooling my son I came across a deck of flashcards depicting our nation's Presidents. The final card being President Barack Obama. The pride I felt looking at that card is really what birthed this project. I wanted to see a whole pack of US. Not just one here or there. I thought how powerful for a child to see themselves reflected on every card. To see the possibilities. I wanted it for my son and daughter. Then I wanted it for everyone's son or daughter. I chatted the idea up with a good friend and historian Stevi Meredith who agreed to come on board, and we sat on the idea for a few months. Then the Trayvon Martin verdict came in. It was with that verdict that I realized that while we can't change the way others choose to see us, we can choose the way we see ourselves. And when our kids see themselves as leaders, entrepreneurs, Olympiads, writers, then we begin to change and shape what society thinks. They will learn their history and it will in turn inspire them to do great things. That is my hope with ABC Me Flashcards. That the cards will inspire kids to Live to Learn, and Learn to Lead. Other cultures will follow. 


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