Tuesday, September 24, 2019

9 Books You Need if You're Parenting a Tween or Teen Adoptee

And just like that, I had a tween.

One day my baby girl was learning the alphabet and playing trains. Then all the sudden (yes, I'm being dramatic), she was asking for a cell phone and dashing off to her classroom without a kiss. 

Parenting a tween is one thing, but parenting a tween or teen adoptee is another. Which is why these nine books are so incredibly important! 

The first three are parenting-type books, which I think are essential as we wrap our minds around the how-to of parenting our tween or teen adoptees. Click on the book image to read a summary and reviews.

These three are written for tweens or teens, but are excellent for parents to skim first. Click on the book image to read a summary and reviews.

Then there are these three, which are fantastic for girl adoptees.

Now you might be wondering why I'm recommending books geared toward tweens and teens for YOU.  The reason is that you can really get inside your tween or teen's brain when you read a book written by an adoptee who was once a tween or teen. Then you can pass on these books to your child. 

Warning: there is sensitive content in these books, which is why I recommend parents read them first. These topics include: suicide, anxiety, drug use, sexual content, violence.

Note: all of these books were written by adoptees of color, two of whom were adopted transracially. Click on the book image to read a summary and reviews.

You can check out ways to connect with your tween daughter here.

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