Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet Tracy

I had the pleasure of "meeting" Tracy Hanson through a Facebook friend who announced the Tracy was conducting a blog giveaway. The prize? A piece of her jewelry which she sells on Etsy----all adoption related!

Just a little bit about Tracy. She lives in Denver and is a mom and grandmother---both through adoption. Tracy shared the following with me:

My Muse is the orphans that have been given a second chance by incredible people that take the risk to open their hearts and love the unloved.

I am touched by the moms that send me thank you notes & pictures of their little ones and I think of each one as I put a sweet name or message on the necklace. I love to make a treasure, something tangible that they can have close to them as they wait for a baby to come home or as a reminder of how they chose to be a mom and how they love their children.

The connection between women and my pieces is also something that continues to amaze me. I have had moms connect in line at Disneyland because they were both wearing one of my necklaces. I have also met many wonderful husbands that want a one of kind piece that will show how much they appreciate their wives and daughters. I have such a great respect for single moms who make the decision to adopt children and sometimes older children and to do the best that they can to raise them.

Some of the sale profits of Tracy's jewelry go to the following organizations: Children's Hopechest, Water for Christmas, 147 Million Orphans, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, The Adoption Exchange, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Additionally, Tracy donates to specific adoptive families.

On a personal note, I was impressed with the beauty of the piece I won: an angel wing on one side, my daughter's name on the other. It was packaged so beautifully----a white envelope with white and black damask patterned tape. When I opened the envelope, a white, heart-shaped, tin box was tied shut with a black ribbon and an artsy-label. Inside was nestled my darling custom necklace. One of my thoughts is that families could not only have a piece of jewelry made for themselves, but also have a similar piece made for the child's biological mother.
Thanks to Tracy for her darling designs. I hope my readers will check out Tracy's blog and Etsy shop very soon!

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