Thursday, June 3, 2010


Miss E watching DADA mow.
Holding hands in the swimming pool.

Exploring a giant tree house at the Memphis Botanical Garden.

Miss E LOVES her dada.

Each day when she hears the garage door go up, she rushes to the entryway to wait for her dada to walk in the door. Then she clings to him, kisses him, and play punches him (WRESTLE TIME!). She giggles. She doesn't quit smiling. She follows him into our bedroom as he changes out of his work clothes, grabbing at his bare legs. She can't get enough.

I'm honored to have a spouse who is not only the kind of husband a girl dreams of (helpful, considerate, hardworking, dedicated) but the kind of dad a child needs. My daughter is blessed to have her dad. And I am blessed watching the two of them interact.

I grew up with an amazing father. He went to work and came straight home---no long hunting trips or golf games all weekend or stops at a bar with the guys after a long day at the office. My father was present in my life, and I truly believe that has had a huge hand in keeping me grounded. I didn't need attention from guys who weren't good for me because when I walked down the stairs in a new dress, it was my father who was waiting for me and telling me I was beautiful, I was the very best, I was a good writer, I was passionate, and I had purpose. My dad is THE best, and now to see that best being played out in my adult life through my husband interacting with our daughter, has my cup running over.

Remember the men in your life as Father's Day approaches. Make a point to compliment them, give them a meaningful gift or card or moment (homemade dinner, for example). Take a moment to thank God for His careful placement of those men in the lives of women and precious children.

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