Monday, January 10, 2011

Finding My Groove

My house is full of girls. There's a lot of pink. A lot of shrieking. A lot of tutus and tiaras. There are tears and smiles, giggles and whining, pretend play and time outs. One might hear me saying, "SHHHHH," or "I love you," or, "That's naughty!", or "Seriously?!?"

Welcome to my world.

We've been a family of four for a month and a half now. I'm finding my groove and making life with two babies (well, one newborn and one toddler) the norm. Getting organized hasn't been easy, especially with a hectic Christmas. On top of trying to get Baby E's nursery ready (which means converting my old home office into a baby's room and moving my home office---an entire room---into a computer armoire in the dining area), attending various holiday events, and of course, the day to day task of parenting to little girls and keeping up with my house, I'm trying to make sure to take care of my diabetes, read the Bible (to stay grounded), and be a good wife.


I realize that I'm in a position of privilege----extreme privilege. I am taking the semester off to hunker down and be a good mommy to my girls. Something, I realized, had to give. I couldn't successfully manage my diabetes, parent my babies, keep up with the house, be a good wife, facilitate the adoptive mama group, AND be a good teacher to 45 students. I chose to lose the income and the part-time job temporarily, creating some calmness in my mind, flexibility in my schedule, and freeing up time in my week. And having the ability to do so only comes from a supportive (financially and emotionally) husband. He was fully supportive of whatever decision I made---and I hope I made the right one by taking some time off work.

I do dread the long winter months ahead---snow, ice, cold, clouds. I much prefer the late spring or mid-fall where I can get out the stroller and walk outdoors for exercise, or spend time in our huge backyard, or use sidewalk chalk on the driveway. I'm slowly generating a list of possibilities for my girls---the library, the Children's Museum, play dates, etc. I'm also figuring out how to keep up with the household---cleaning, cooking, meal planning, laundry. I'm also still going to write part-time for Diabetes Health magazine.

I made the strategic decision to ask Nanny C (who graciously and thankfully accepted) to keep being our nanny for four hours a week. This will give me time to go to the gym alone, run errands, or take Baby E to any doc appointments without Miss E licking the exam room floors or trying to use various medical equipment as ride-on toys. ;)

There's a lot on my plate---but it's all the good stuff.

But, if I go missing from my blog for a few days, it's because I'm literally buried in a laundry pile. :)


  1. And you do it looking fabulous! is an AMAZING resource for helping you with the household upkeep!

  2. I am sure you are doing just fine! You seem to be a excellent mother, wife, friend etc...It all can be overwhelming at times, believe me. LOL!! It is crazy at my house!! I love the house by the way. I would move!! I want a house in the country with shopping close by.


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