Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spousal Support

Daddy and Baby E
Daddy and Miss E's snowboots after outdoor fun.

My husband is super supportive.

I've tried, failed, and/or succeeded at many things in life...all with my boyfriend turned husband by my side.

We've been together for 12 years now. He knows me well, very well. Scarily well. And he stays. ;)

I can say with 100% certainty that my daughters have the best father in the world. He's present, he's engaged, he's active, he's playful, he's honest, he's loving, he's patient.

He changes poopy diapers, reads bedtime stories, dances silly-style in the kitchen, gives kisses, starts wrestling matches, throws snowballs, builds block towers, washes bottles, dries tears, sings songs.

He is a good dad and a good husband. He juggles working a very full time job and balances that with fatherhood and husbandhood with grace, determination, certainty, and patience. He puts up with my blood sugar swings, my crazy ideas, my insistent and demanding personality, and my vegetarian cooking. ;)

Nothing makes him happier than his girls---all three of us---being happy.

Just like a fine wine, our life gets better with time. I'm blessed beyond words to call him mine.

We joke sometimes that our life looks nothing like we pictured it when we got married. We figured we'd both work up the ladder at our jobs, have a few kids, go on some fab vacations, and live happily ever after.
It all came true. He's doing great at his job, we have a few kids, we do go on fab vacations (to the beach!), and we do plan to live happily ever after. But we never planned on diabetes or adopting. However, both of those road bumps turned out to be blessings. Beautiful, God-given blessings.
I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I do know that I have no doubt my husband will be there giving 100% of himself to his family. And whatever life throws at us, he'll be ready to tackle it with me.

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