Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interview: Adoptive Mama, Fit Mama, Admirable Mama

I first met Nick on an online adoption forum and then had the pleasure of meeting her two summers ago in person. She's funny, fit, and smart. Oh yes, and an adoptive mama!
Even though this blog focuses on life as a transracial family, it also focuses on what it means to be (like me) a busy mom. Nick has offered herself as an example to numerous women of the possibilities of LIVING instead of just existing. This is a topic I am passionate about!

Q: Tell me about your family.

I have two sons, Julian who is 18 (bio) and attends West Point Military Academy. Jordan, 15 (bio) a budding Actor..and Dancer (loves to hip hop). Hadley Clover who is 21 months (adopted) who is the little girl that runs this home.

Q: What's it like being a multi-racial family? Any advice for other multi-racial families?

You know I heard someone say once, Only in America do we call any other race, by their race first, African American, Asian, American, Latin American. Not in any other culture in the world do you hear African British, Or Latin French, Or Asian Spanish. So to me, I never have seen my family as anything other than these are my children and they are the best of me and my husband Rick, and Hadley is the best of me and my husband Rick, but with someone else's genetics, who blessed us more than anyone could ever imagine.
My advice is see your children not as society labels them but as your heart as dictated it should be.

Q: Tell me about your business.

Flesh2Fresh is our PT fitness Business. We believe that everyone can have the body they desire, without gimmicks and costly gym memberships, without sending your kids to daycare. Not that there is anything wrong with any of them, but in today's society we are busy people. Transforming your flesh was something that was God inspired. God talks about transforming your Flesh in Romans and we knew this was our confirmation to use the talents that we have been given to help people all over the world reach, achieve and maintain their fitness goals.

Q: What advice do you have for busy moms on how we can take care of ourselves AND our families?

My advice for busy moms, is make yourself a priority. You are the the thread that binds your family together and if you stretch that thread too thin, taking care of everyone else but yourself, you will compromise your health and your sanity.

Q: Tips on how to beat the winter blahs?

Make Exercise part of your everyday routine, Get your children involved, make it fun for them, it will also teach them that being active is important to physical and emotional health. I know my daughter loves it when I do lunges with her in my back pack, its like she is going for a ride.

Learn more at and checkout our FRESH transformations page....They are all busy mothers.

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