Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Giveaway #12: Princess Art

I discovered Erin's work on Etsy last month. Her art is unique, colorful, and imaginative.

I live in Maplewood NJ with my husband and daughter (about to turn 5). It is a culturally and ethnically diverse community (like our family) only 15 miles from NYC. My husband and daughter are my joy, art is my passion, cooking, enjoying, and sharing gluten-free (my dedication), and gardening (my challenge - I think I missed the green thumb gene). I work from home and am dedicated to making a success of my art and illustration business. I now sell my towels and cards wholesale to stores and am enjoying that piece of my business.

Erin Go Paint is my Etsy shop name. A play on my name, Erin, and Erin-Go-Bragh (which I heard every imaginable lingerie version of while growing up), and it is my mantra. I love to draw and paint, and need to do it to feel whole, centered and connected. If I get unfocused or cranky (sometimes it happens) then I tell myself "Erin, go Paint!"

I work mostly in watercolor creating illustrations and fine art pieces. Vibrant colors are my favorite. My subjects include shoes, animals, architecture, still lifes, and children. I paint quite realistically but often use unexpected colors or angles. I love working with a strong light source for the contrast it creates.

I sell original paintings, matted prints and natural flour sack towels printed with illustrations.

I opened my Erin Go Paint in December 2008 to create an online presence to sell my work. I had just re-dedicated myself to creating and painting again on a regular basis and thought the shop would help keep me motivated. It worked. I started with just 4 listings and now have about 120. The goal has been to create enough income from my art to give up my day job, work from home and have more time with my daughter. Slowly working its way in that direction.

My daughter loves fairy tales. Loves Fairy tales, fables, myths – you name it. Books, stories, videos, movies, toys. The fantasies and characters are ever present in our home and in her imagination. I was inspired to illustrate her as the princesses and heroines of her favorite stories so that the big "D" wouldn't be her sole source of how a princess can look. Especially as an adoptive mom. She doesn't look like me or so many of the princesses in mainstream books, movies, etc. So I was inspired and driven. She loves to pose for me - and loves them all hanging in her room. And, I am so happy other girls of color are enjoying them too. I continue to add to my collection of Princesses of Color.

GIVEAWAY ITEM: One 5x7 Princess art print of the winner's choosing.

WAYS TO ENTER: 1: Becoming a blog follower and leave a comment telling me you did so. 2: Post about the giveaway on Facebook and tell me you did so via a comment. 3: Post about the giveaway on your blog and leave me a comment telling me you did so. 4: Visit Erin's Etsy shop and tell me what your favorite item is.

WHEN, WHERE, and HOW: Enter up to four times on this blog post from now until noon on May 29. A winner will be posted on May 29. The winner is responsible for setting up an Etsy account and contacting Erin to claim her prize. Special thanks to Erin for supporting kids of all colors by making beautiful products!


  1. Here's the link to the Princesses:

  2. I just love your work, especially the little mermaid print.


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