Monday, May 16, 2011


Many of my posts focus on adoption issues, but my new "GOOD STUFF" posts (which will be published occasionally) will be full of fun tips, activities, and ideas that focus on family.

So, here's your good stuff for May:

---Try almond flour instead of traditional white or wheat flour. Almond flour is slightly higher in calories, but it's full of healthy/food fat and protein. It also makes baked goods more dense and moist (yum!). It's pricey if you buy it in the 1 lb packages (such as Bob's Red Mill), so trying to find it in bulk is wise.

---Give up one wasteful item in your home. Model for your children that going green is important (because God cares about the Earth; I mean, the Creation story in the Bible is elaborate!). This past month, I ran out of paper towels, and as I was on my way down the designated aisle at Wal-Mart, it dawned on me that I really could give them up. Now I'm using rags to clean my bathroom and random spills. Last year we gave up paper napkins and only use cloth. What can you give up to make a difference?

---Get outside! I discovered a new book at my library called Fifteen Minutes a Day: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect With Your Kids. I have always struggled with the "great outdoors." Unless I'm in a pool or reading a magazine in a lawn chair or taking a purposeful walk, I don't love being outside (bugs and heat are not my friends). This book is inspirational!

---Out of lotion? Do not, I repeat, DO NOT purchase lotion that contains water. It dries out your skin. Instead, use the olive oil you already have in your kitchen. I have a Pampered Chef oil sprayer that I use to spray my kids and myself with olive oil. Brilliant! If you feel you MUST have lotion, I recommend purchasing one of these. This is a USA company that discloses ALL its products ingredients. I LOVE the vanilla almond organic lotion.

---Hit delete. Go through your DVR and delete any shows that you don't truly love. I love an occasional mindless show, but do you really need to watch every geographical region's version of Real Housewives? It's empowering to say "no" to toxic nonsense.

---Find local markets and start shopping! Buying local is good for the environment and supports local farmers. It's also a great learning and exploring experience for your kids. I love seeing what's new at our local market every year!

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