Friday, November 25, 2011

What to Buy? + AA Christmas Decor

Many adoptive parents struggle with open adoption, particularly around the holidays.  What is an appropriate Christmas gift for birth family members?   Adoptive parents don't want to give too much or too little, making the situation uncomfortable.

Here are some ideas:

---Start with a card.   Have your child sign it if he or she is old enough.  If not, trace your child's hand print.  :)  

---Choose something meaningful to your child.   My friend Miss S, who happens to be an adoptive mother herself, gave me a fantastic idea.  Each year, we buy the girls' biological parents an ornament, and we buy a matching one for ourselves.   It's neat to think that when we are looking at our Christmas trees, we are sharing a view.  :)     Miss S buys an ornament that represents something her daughter is into that year.

---Make something, or have your child make something.    This year, we are giving stitched hand prints in a frame.   Thanks so much to Passionate Homemaking for this fabulous idea! 

---Give a photo.   My favorite place to buy frames is Kohl's because I always have a coupon, and there is always a great selection of clearance items. 


Check out my latest article for the Krazy Coupon Lady on where to find AA Christmas decor this season! 

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