Monday, October 8, 2012

More Random Goodness: Bedding, Food, and Support Groups

Is it just me, or could this new fabulous bedding from Land of Nod be considered brown-girl worthy?   Too bad the quilt is $189....

I'm interested in cooking up some soul food for my fam, but being a bit of a health nut and food snob, I'm struggling.   I did find this fabulous book at my local library, plus this book from my own collection.  Perhaps there's hope? 

Finally, I was recently asked by one of my readers, Gaby, about the support group I facilitate.   What happens at a meeting?  How do we coordinate it all?

I'm writing this from the prospective of the group facilitator speaking to a future group facilitator. 

Here are the basics:

1:  Find out how many people might be interested. 

2:  Get them connected in one place such as an email list or a closed (private) FB page.

3:  Ask when the best time to meet is.   Based on the responses, pick a meeting date and time.   (My group meets once a month on a Sunday night at dinnertime). 

4:  Pick a place to meet.  Due to the delicate nature of discussions, choose somewhere with privacy.  If it's in someone's home, make sure there's a quiet, kid-free zone to meet.  If it's in a restaurant or community facility, meet in a private, closed-off area.  (My group meets at a local cafe).

5:   Find out what group members want from the group and who can be invited to meetings.   Do you want to have speakers?  A topic-of-the-meeting?   Do you want to have a membership fee?   Officers?  Who can come to meetings?  Those adopting internationally?  Domestically? Via foster care?   Those simply interested in adopting?  Those waiting to adopt?   Family members who wish to offer support?  Birth parents?  Adoptees?   (My group has guest speakers a few times a year, but mostly, it's open-conversation and eating.   Any female who has adopted, is waiting to adopt, or is interested in adopting may attend.   Adoptees and birth parents are welcome).

6:  If you want to get the word out about your group, do so!   Use "business" cards, fliers, online posts, blogs, etc.     Let local adoption agencies and lawyers know about your group.  

7:  Be open to change.    Some members will come and go, some will come once and not come back, and some will be there for the long-haul.    You may need to change where you meet, when you meet, and how you meet.   

What goodness have you come across recently?  Send me suggestions at whitebrownsugar AT hotmail DOT com.

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  1. Rachel,

    I love your blog & thank you for all that you do for adoption. I was introduced to you and your family by Essence magazine. I love soulless food & understand your problem. Booby Deen has taken some of his mother's recipes & made them healthier. Below is a link I found on Goggle.



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