Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wanna Share? : Submit Your Guest Blog Post Idea


I want to invite you to submit your guest blog post idea to me, via e-mail, for consideration.   I love hearing your various perspectives, and I know we all benefit from the village we create!

So, send me an e-mail (whitebrownsugar AT hotmail DOT com) with "guest blog post" as the subject line.   Give me your first name, location, and status (adoptive mom of three, for example).  (Birth parents, adoptees, and adoption professionals are welcome to submit, as well as family members of birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents.)    Let me know, in a few lines, what your proposed guest blog post topic is.    I'll let you know if the topic is a good match for my blog.

Topics of interest:

---toys, games, movies for brown-skinned kids (even extensive lists of items, such as dolls for children of color---which would be great in November right before Christmas!)
---tips on adopting transracially
---open adoption
---adopting for the first time
---coping with school projects
---dealing with those who are naive about adoption (perhaps your child's teacher, for example)
---celebrating diversity
---coping with a child's adoption struggles
---special needs adoption

Topics that won't be selected:

---long, personal adoption journey stories
---posts promoting unethical adoption practices
---posts promoting particular agencies or other adoption professionals
---posts promoting religious beliefs that contradict general Christian values

The more narrow your topic, the more likely your blog post will be selected.

If your post is chosen, you can include a short bio (including a link to your adoption blog, FB page, etc.).    

You won't be compensated for your contribution, besides the warm fuzzies you get.  ;) 

I look forward to your ideas!  

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