Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Reading, from Adoption to Self-Improvement

One thing we aren't short of in this house is books!  Between the library, my obsession with Amazon, and my mama who loves to give adorable picture books to my kiddos, we have quite the collection!

If you are looking for something to read this summer, check out my list of must-read books with adoption themes

If your kiddo is enthralled with animals, here are some fabulous books that use animals (and/or nature) to explain and explore adoption

First, here's what I've recently read.  As a type A mama who just wants as simple "yes" or "no," and is tired of the bull, criticism, and fluff...I really appreciated these down-to-earth, funny, gettin' real books: 

Know you need to stop obsessing over your cell phone's many magical features (including that FB, Twitter, Pinterest, or Etsy app?) and start LIVING?   This book is a must-read!  

Tired of parenting books telling you the "perfect" solution to raising a smart kid, feeding your child organic food, potty training your toddler, vaccines (and the many horrors), guides to playdates, etc?  This book is hysterical and quite "honest," as the title suggests

Need a book about how beautiful and difficult life is?  A book that inspires you to press on while still being humble, forgiving, and honest?  This book is a must-read, written by the author of one of my favorite blogs, someone whom I had the pleasure of connecting with recently.   

And finally, if you are tackling teaching your little one to read this summer, refer back to this post on simple ways to raise a reader (without electronics!). 

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