Thursday, October 22, 2015

Moms (by Adoption) in Business

I know so many moms who adopted their kiddos, and some of these mamas have gone into business for themselves, using their children's adoptions as inspiration for the wonderful products they create. (These are not sponsored posts!  These are products we have liked and use in our our household.) Here are two of my favorites:

Africa Sleeps   This mama sells organic and healthy hair and skincare items for kids of color, as well as fabulous sleep caps

South Africa: Pink Grapefruit Nourishing Conditioner

Lemon Starfish (Books)  Kelly Greenawalt is the author of several books starring kids of color, including her new release The Freckled Speckled Rainbow Dog Salon.

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  1. I just thought I'd mention... I ordered the freckled, speckled rainbow dog salon book for my toddler... he loves the artwork!! Very cute story!


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