Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dear Sugar: Easter Basket Suggestions for Young Black Children


Easter is early this year, and I wanted to share with you some of my recommended Easter basket goodies for young-ish Black children (generally these are for older toddlers to preschoolers).  All of the items featured are small:  so perfect for tucking into your little one's basket.  We own all of these products.

Next week, I'll feature Easter basket suggestions for young grade school kids.

Here you go!  

Circo mini dolls are fabulous!  They come in a variety of skin tones, both boy and girl, are astoundingly affordable.  I love the Corolle brand dolls, but their mini dolls, equivalent to these Target dolls, are $18 each at specialty toy stores.  

Fisher Price Little People Wheelies are adorable!   They cost under $5 each (when bought individually), and they offer several options for kids of color, both boys and girls (and in different types of transportation like airplanes, trains, cars, etc.).   These can be played with individually, or my kids love the track so they can race the Wheelies.  As a side-note, I've seen the track being sold on local FB pages for as little as $10.  I'd def buy this item used if possible. 

I Never Forget a Face Square Matching picture

Eeboo is one of my favorite toy companies.  Whimsical, simple, and adorable.  Most of their products feature kids of different skin tones.   This game is our favorite. It's a matching game using the faces of children from all over the world.  The back of the box offers a guide to each country.   When kids are younger, play the game with the cards face-up.   This makes a great sibling gift, because kids of multiple ages can play and learn from the game.

Wooden Classic Neighborhood Set
We are big Melissa and Doug fans!  Almost every product features a diverse cast of characters.  We love their floor puzzles (check out this beautiful princess floor puzzle), their sticker sets, their color pads, their costumes, etc.   We own several of these wooden character sets.  They are a steal at $5 a pack!  

The cover doesn't do the book justice.  It's full of illustrations of kids of color and explains the biblical Easter story.  

This is the story of a little girl (brown skin and black hair) exploring the wonders of spring.  

This sparkly book is full of beautiful details!   It stars two children:  a Black girl and a White boy.  

This book features Black children (only), each in a different Easter scene:  church, flower field, etc.  

 African Playground

The Putumayo CDs are fantastic for families who want to expose their children to different music types without resorting to "kiddie" music.   We own several of these CDs and love them all!  

Global Wonders: African-American

This DVD is incredibly educational and entertaining.   And the price cannot be beat!  

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