Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kwanzaa: What Do I Know? What Do We Do?

Kwanzaa---something I knew nothing about until last year. And even now, I do not know much.

First, is it something many, most, or some black people in the U.S. celebrate?

Why is it important?

Is Christmas for white people, Kwanzaa for black people? Or is Christmas for all, and Kwanzaa for some?

Will my daughter miss out on an important part of black culture if we don't celebrate Kwanzaa?

When I Google Kwanzaa, am I getting accurate information?

Is Kwanzaa in line with, against, or unrelated to the Christmas traditions? The Bible? Current black culture?

Does our family, made up of two white people and a black little girl, fit into Kwanzaa, or are we just impostors?

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