Friday, March 11, 2011

Toddler Fun!

Just a few ideas on how to have fun with your toddler...

1: Watch "Wheel of Fortune" together. My daughter loves repeating the letters (with a shout! just like the contestants). The child gets to hear the letter and see it. How fun!

2: Cut out various shapes from construction paper. Toss the shapes onto the floor and have your child find the shape and color you request. As he or she gets older, you can have them be the game host and you find the requested shapes.

3: Join Barnes and Noble's new program: Kids' Club. It's free and comes with fabulous perks like a free cupcake on your child's birthday, coupons, and rewards for purchases.

4: If you haven't already, buy a low and long storage tub and fill it with different colored beans and leftover household items (toilet paper tube, old butter containers, spoons, etc.) and let the child have fun! This is an especially great toy for African American children whose parents DREAD the sandbox due to the child's hair.

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