Monday, November 12, 2012

Books (and More) for Black Boys

Blog readers often ask me for book suggestions on specific adoption-related and race-related topics, and as a avid reader, library-lover (/stalker), and adoption advocate, I'm happy to oblige! 

Today, I want to share with my readers a list of books (and a few other random items) that I recommend for Black (and/or brown-skinned) boys.     There are a plethora of options for brown-skinned girls, thankfully, but I'd like to see an equal number of options for brown-skinned boys.   Until then, here's what I've found:

Ezra Jack Keats Treasury on Amazon

Chocolate Me on Amazon

He's Got the Whole World In His Hands on Amazon

Not Norman on Amazon

I'm Your Peanut Butter Big Brother on Amazon

Jesus is With Me on Amazon

The Ezra Jack Keats collection on DVD on Amazon

Global Wonders:  African American on DVD at Amazon

In addition, there are many biographies featuring Black men written for children!    I love this one on African American inventors.      Our family enjoys the Little Bill TV series and books.  

I'm thrilled that Hallmark has a brown-skinned little boy ornament available this year!  Check out Gabriel!    

Here's an African American newborn doll on Amazon.

The Snowy Day boy doll on Amazon

And a brown-skinned Elf on a Shelf on Amazon.   

Black boy Cabbage Patch on Amazon

Learn-to-Dress Black Boy doll on Amazon

"First" doll for Black Boys on Amazon

"Ethnic" doll family (which could be mixed with other family sets to create your own family) on Amazon     And here's one more option

Also, search the HearthSong and Magic Cabin websites for more options. 

Please share more suggestions via a comment!  


  1. "Testing the Ice: A True Story of Jackie Robinson" has the most beautiful illustrations and features black characters. It's for older kids, but my almost two-year-old loves the pictures and I shorten the story for him when I read it out loud.

  2. For boys that are in the upper elementary grades, Christopher Paul Curtis is a wonderful author.

    Also, Walter Dean Myers has written lots of books for teens, and he and his son (Christopher Myers) have some good picture books like Looking Like Me.


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