Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dear Sugar: 9 Adoption Books to Own Before Your Baby Arrives

Dear Sugar:

If you're waiting for your baby, can I just say I'm so over-the-moon for you?  I know exactly how you feel:  a mix of anticipation, elation, joy, and fear.   I've adopted four children, and each time the wait was incredibly challenging and surprising.  

One way that you can get ready for your baby is to start a home library.   As an avid reader and fan of children's books, I've compiled this fab list of the books you need to put in your child's library.

Why fill the library now?  

1:  It helps you nest.  To actively be buying and arranging things for your future baby helps you prepare your heart and mind.  

2:  Practicing reading the books now helps you be able to articulate and discuss adoption with your child from their earliest days.   (Think:  practice makes perfect.)  

3:  You will be *slightly* busy once your child is in your arms.  So getting ready now leaves room on your plate for the more pressing things later:  snuggling your baby!     

Happy reading, and happy waiting.   I'm cheering for you!  

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