Friday, August 26, 2011


After a nine month break (maternity leave, if you will) from work, I've return to teaching part-time.   The change is most welcome.   

Now, with this change comes the need for a stricter schedule for my family and myself in order to make sure everything gets accomplished during the week that is necessary---laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

So, Mondays-Thursdays are designated for work, errands, chores, and preschool and ballet/tap class for Miss E starting in early September.  But Fridays...

well, I am starting a new tradition.  


This is a day of minimal chores and plenty of fun!

For our first FIF, which occurred on August 19th, we swam in the big pool, then played in the little pool.  We came in for a leisurely snack followed by a toenail and nail painting session along with my daughter's current favorite DVD.    Next was lunch, naps for all, and then an evening of doing whatever was fun---a stop at the bookstore and craft store, dinner out.  

If you can designate a whole day to "forget it," consider a forget it afternoon a week.   Do whatever relaxes and refreshes you and your family.  Create a budget for the "forget it" time if you want to shop, do an activity, or go out for a meal or snack.

The point is to create a family time to look forward to in the midst of a crazy week.  

What are your forget it ideas?  

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