Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Goodness: Brown Kids, Black Hair, Black Dads, and Young Moms

A friend posted this on FB a few weeks ago. I thought transracial families would find it of interest.

Likewise, this article is intriguing. The topic is black hair. I'm shocked that people would touch a GROWN WOMAN's hair. I thought young black kids were the only ones who struggled with hair petting strangers. (Speaking of hair-petting, people continue to pet my daughter's head. I'm going so insane trying to figure out what to do. I REALLY hope I don't freak out and blow up at some innocent person one of these days. We told Miss E to tell people, "Don't touch my hair, please" but she forgets when she's playing or focused on a bug flying around or whatever).

What happens to black kids who grow up without dads? Watch this new documentary trailer.

Finally, a recent post on one of my favorite websites, My Brown Baby, is on the subject of young moms (18-28). How can they be financially secure? How can they find their dream job while juggling motherhood? One lady who has "been there done that" blogs on this topic and has a new book out. What a fantastic resource for young moms!


  1. Just thought I would mention that everyone touches my (white) kids hair, too, because they have really pretty curly hair. I know it gets annoying, but people are fascinated with hair unfamiliar to them. It doesn't seem to bother my kids yet (3 & 5 yr olds), so I try not to let it bother me either!

  2. People touching Mea's hair just drives me crazy as well. Or touching it, coming back and saying something like, "Oh, it's soft..."

    We just had a friend do this to her not too long ago, I'm pretty sure that she does it everytime we see her. Just grates.

    I know it's just curiousity, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.

    I have also told Mea to say, "Don't touch my hair please." She went on a playdate once, and came back with a horrible sloppy french braid in the front of her hair, instead of however I had styled it that day. The mother wanted to see if she could "do her hair." It was a long time before she went on a playdate there again.

  3. I want to point out that black people are not the only ones strangers pet. I have been "petted" by more grown women than I care to remember. My hair is long and curly, and some people seem to not be able to resist the desire to touch it. As a child, I didn't mind (it made me feel pretty), but I do find it odd as an adult.


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