Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time for Your Man + My Latest Adoption Article

Life is busy.

Understatement. :)

My husband works for a large financial company---and like every other company right now, there are stresses due to the tough economy. My husband puts in long hours to provide for our family.

I'm preparing to return to the University to teach part-time in a few weeks. Planning a 16 week course (x2 different classes) is quite a task! Not to mention I'm writing for Diabetes Health, Adoptive Families, and other publications.

Oh yeah, and we have two kids: an infant and a toddler. Enough said about that.

So how do we stay connected? Here are some tips. And I am, by no means, an expert. This is just what is working for us:

  1. Stop watching crappy television. We canceled many shows on our DVR. If we want to watch a mindless show, we do so when the other person is busy. For instance, when I nap (along with the girls) on a Sunday afternoon, my husband can watch one of his man shows.

  2. Shut off the technology. We try not to use the computer or our cell phones after 7 p.m. every night and rarely on the weekends.

  3. Go on a date. Duh.

  4. Plan a one-night getaway, even if it's just locally or even a staycation (stay at home minus the kids!). Trade babysitting with friends to save money.

  5. Don't say "yes" very often. I'm not a fan of being majorly involved in many activities to where it compromises your family's togetherness, bonding, and unity. I have my adoptive mom group that meets once a month. My husband goes on an annual man-weekend.

What works for you?


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