Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Do White People Adopt Kids of Color?

My latest post on My Brown Baby explains my family's stance on this important issue. 

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  1. Hi Rachel! I've been reading your blog for quite a while (I hung out on the same adoption boards about a year ago). We have a trans-racial family through adoption as well. However, our older child (adopted daughter) is Caucasian and our younger child (adopted son) is AA. I love your responses to people who question you about your family but there's one question we get that still perplexes me.

    When folks see all of us in public we sometimes get asked "Is he adopted?" While the question is generally well meaning, it's a mine field to answer. If we answer yes, it's the truth but it singles our son out as the only adoptee and puts him on a different plane than our daughter. If we answer yes, they both are, it opens up both of their adoption stories and that's not entirely appropriate. If we answer no, we are negating his life story (not to mention it's not the truth). Have you had any other readers in this situation and, if so, did they have any good ideas?


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