Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Families

After Michelle Duggar's miscarriage was made public, I read and heard a lot of buzz. Mostly, the response was, "Why is she having so many kids?" (Nothing new, right?)

As a mother, first and foremost I feel for Michelle and her loss. I cannot imagine losing a child. People tend to minimize her loss because she has so many children and because she was "only" in her second trimester. I also heard and read comments about Michelle's age---like how dare she have a baby at her age?!? It's like some believe Michelle is a greedy woman who hoards babies, and she got what she deserved by having something bad happen to her. I don't understand.

Big families seem to be the rage right now, at least on TLC. :) The public is fascinated by large families and families who are unique in other ways (like on the shows Little People, Big World, The Little Couple, Sister Wives, or Kate Plus 8).

At the end of the day, many families are uniquely created. We (as adoptive parents) do not like when people judge our families. We are often asked, "Could you not have your own?" (As if biological children are better than adopted children?) It's heartbreaking at times what people will ask in front of my girls---as if they are not RIGHT THERE, as if they do not have value, as if they are not real people with feelings.

We all should be very careful what we think and what we say aloud. There's a lot of judgemental pollution regarding families that permeates the minds and hearts of our little ones. No matter how each child came to be, even if he or she came about in a way we do not agree with, at the end of the day a child is a child. One who is precious in His sight.

I really respect the Duggar family. They seem to handle each situation in their lives with grace and faith. Are they perfect? No. But I think their family is beautiful and big and an example of how faithful parents can raise responsible, loving, and generous children.

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