Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Goodness: Photos From Our Home

 One thing that drives me crazy is when people say my daughter is too young for me to worry about race and diversity.   Look at this collection.  Miss E sorts her Little People according to their features.  In fact, she loves finding "matches."  She says she matches a little girl in her class who is also brown, for example, or that she matches the puppy next door who is brown like her.   
 This is a pic from a magazine on how to organize books.  I thought it was so I tried it on my girls' hardcover book collection.
 My girls brushing their teeth.   
 Miss E's Christmas cookie decorating adventure.  Is it possible to ever have too many sprinkles on a cookie?    (Yes, there is a cookie under there).
Surprise snow day right after C-mas.  My girls enjoyed crawling through the snow while licking it.   So sweet! 

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  1. I am glad that you are so open in talking about race, with your children and on this blog. I have worked with young children in many contexts, and I see how early they become aware of racial differences. My 5 year old goddaughter's favorite color is brown, and if you ask her why, she'll point to her arm, look at you and say, "Uh, brown!" like, Hello, it should be obvious! I too strive to look for racial inclusive toys and books. I would definitely recommend the series "Black Books Galore" as a resource.


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