Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dear Sugar: 8 Things That'll Get You Through the Rest of Summer Break

Hey, Sugar:

I know.  We're in the homestretch.   Kids restless.   Mama exhausted.  Boredom collides with sibling arguments collides with mama's frustration.  It's hot.  Dreadfully hot.  Like too hot to swim kind of hot.

As a mom of four:  I GET IT.   This parenting thing, especially on the verge of summer ending and school beginning, is absolutely draining.   Like not even a venti cup full of straight-up espresso shots can save you.

During these final days and weeks, let's talk about survival.   Because if mama is happy, everyone is more likely to be happy.   So make a list and check it twice (sheesh, I do love me some Christmas and snow sounds REALLY nice right about now).   Here is my mom-will-survive-the-rest-of-summer-list, and you go ahead and make yours.  Like make a list and paste it somewhere visible as a daily reminder to treat yo'self.

Rachel's list:

1:  Flavored "sparkling" carbonated water.   No calories, no artificial dyes, no sugar (or even fake sugar), hydrating, refreshing.  I drink at least two a day, sometimes even four.  My favorite flavors are black cherry, white peach, and blueberry (which Target sadly stopped making, and I'm clinging to my last two cans!).

2:  Great books that I can read over and over.  Here are a few of my faves, and if you click on the images you can view details:

3:  Fewer commitments.   Saying no is so empowering.  It's OK to be too tired (and impatient) for playdates, for extracurricular activities, for getting up early to be somewhere.   Your kids will be JUST FINE.

4:  Order school supplies online.  The stores are INSANE as soon as the supply lists are released.  NO THANK YOU.   I'm a huge fan of Target and order all my kids' supplies online.   And if you want to save big, check out my Target couponing and savings tips.

5: Make your kids a sensory rice bin.  We currently have THREE:  solar system, rainbow, and under-the-sea.  They're inexpensive and magical.  ALL of my kids love them, despite the age range!  Plus, I love that this is the perfect rainy or too-hot day activity.   (Skip the slime, people.  That stuff doesn't come out of anything and is just gross.   Rice bins last for years; slime doesn't.)

6: Simplify meals.  My favorite thing to whip up when the kids are starving? Scrambled eggs, a frozen veggie, and a piece of fruit.  VOILA.   No one wants to cook when it's 100+ degrees out.

7:  Have family reading or game nights (or days!).  My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  And it surprisingly kept them occupied for well over an hour.

8:  Get new multicultural art supplies.  Cover a table with paper from a big roll.  Then lay out the supplies and little hand mirrors (to help them create self-portraits).  Have fun, kids!  

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