Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's the Magic Number? Or, In Other Words, What Is The Limit?

We are often asked, "When are you adopting again?" or "Are you adopting again?"

(It's sort of like asking a couple who can have bio kids, "When are you gonna get it on and conceive another baby?"  Ok, not quite...)

I don't know what our magic number is.   I'm really open to God's plan for our family.   I often feel the nudge to pursue foster care adoption---but we've been told that we wouldn't be approved for kids older than our children.  I really considered adopting an African American sibling group----a triple minority in the foster care system:  black, siblings (multiples), and older (age).   Sigh.

But as always, domestic infant adoption tugs at our hearts, because we've done it twice.  We feel prepared and comfortable to do DIA again.    And there's a bit of relief when it comes to parenting a child who comes to us so young.   Birth order isn't disrupted.   Breathe.

I doubt we'll ever adopt internationally.  It's too hard to do with our jobs (we can't take that much time off work) and with our girls (take them?  leave them?).   And it's very costly, much more than domestic, which is about $18K for us, or foster care adoption, which is free.

We're also often asked, "Don't you want a boy?" or "Are you going to get a boy next time?"  The assumption is that we aren't satisfied parenting two girls or we feel something is missing without a boy. 

I don't know what our future holds.  I'm excited to see what each season of life brings our way.    One thing is true in adoption----whatever you plan for, it won't happen.  :)    Be ready for life's next adventure by throwing caution to the wind, trusting God, and being thankful. 

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  1. I love getting your perspective! People are constantly asking us if we are going to have bio children after we finish the foster-to-adopt process, but we haven't even been placed with children yet. We are officially in the waiting phase (as of a week ago) and have a new blog about foster-adoption if you are interested (whereweloveyoubestofall.wordpress.com). As always, thanks for sharing your heart and mind. Meghan


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