Friday, June 1, 2012

The winner is....

Congrats to our winner!  And thank you to all of you who entered.  What amazing stories!

Anonymous said...
My husband and I felt God had called us to adopt for several years. At the time we were in graduate school and lived on poverty level salaries. We decided to wait until we finished school and got jobs to begin the adoption process because of our lack of resources. Last winter my father was diagnosed with stage four skin cancer that had manifested as three large brain tumors. My dad died five months and one day after doctors found the cancer. What my husband and I did not know was that twenty years earlier my father had taken out an insurance policy for me and my two siblings. It was a large policy that in the event something ever happened to dad we would have college money etc... The first thing that came to my mind after finding out about the money was that God had planned our adoptions for decades and He knew this money was going to
provide for not one but several adoptions. My husband and I told my dad before he passed away about our plan to adopt a son domestically. My father smiled and asked if we would use his name for our child. Ironically, my husband and I had already chosen our son's name and it was after my dad:) The loss of my father was the most devastaing thing that has ever happened in our lives but God has brought something so beautiful out of our loss which is hope. My husband and I are currently "waiting" to be matched with a birthmom. We are so excited for our precious brown baby boy who will be named Truett Munro Nichols. Munro was my dad's middle name. God does make beautiful things out of the ashes!

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