Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby #3: Here We Go!

I've said before, that I used to never want my kids close in age.   Being the type A control freak that I am, I wanted to carefully select the perfect time to become a mom and then to become a mom to another and another.    But guess what?  Adoption isn't like that.  It's as unpredictable as the Midwest weather.

Here's what happened:

About a month or so ago, I was out running errands.  My kids had a sitter.   I was lying in the dentist office chair when my phone buzzed.   I couldn't pick it up, knowing the dentist would walk in at any minute for my exam.   Immediately, as I gazed upon the phone number, my heart started pounding.   REALLY REALLY hard.    I recognized the area code.  

As soon as my exam was over (which I didn't think could be over quickly enough), I raced to my car, blasted the air conditioning, and listened to my voicemail.    It was our adoption attorney.  I immediately called back, with just twenty-five minutes until my hair cut appointment.   I was sweating, my heart was still pounding.

It was A call, but before you get excited, it wasn't OUR call.    The call was for a toddler minority boy.   The attorney wanted to know if we wanted our profile shown.    We didn't even have a profile, nor did we have a current homestudy, nor were we even thinking about adopting again.

But we had discussed wanting to adopt a toddler---the race and sex weren't important to us, though the prospect of having a boy in our house was exciting.

After two solid days of phone calls, we determined that due to our lack of "ducks in a row," we had to turn down the placement.  Our only alternative was to accept the placement and live out of state for several months.  Yeah, right.

I immediately began praying for this little boy and his birth mother and his future parents.  

Insert God laughing (in a nice way).

Turns out, the little guy ended up being placed with friends of ours!   We found out a few weeks later.  I was completely overjoyed.

This experience prompted us to contact our social worker and get the ball rolling on our third homestudy.   We've had our home visit, the paperwork is all filled out, we take our CPR class tomorrow night, and our profile book has been ordered.

So, in a few weeks, we'll be back on THE list waiting for THE call.

As I said, we really weren't thinking about adopting again just yet.   With an almost 4-year-old and an almost 2-year-old, our lives are pretty full.    Miss E is in a new preschool, I just started teaching two classes, Baby E is a bundle of energy and emotion, and my husband is swamped at work.    I'm working like crazy to get my book drafted for review and copy editing.     Life is happening. 

There's never a perfect time to adopt again.    There's no reason to try to control the situation.   After two adoptions (two WHIRLWIND adoptions), I have learned that what will be will be.  

As we wait, I'll be praying for our future child (or children), the child's biological family, for our agencies and attorneys, and for us.

Life really is like a box of chocolates---you never know what you'll get!   


  1. Ok, I started to FREAK out as I was reading this, thinking I had totally missed something!!! My heart is still racing. :) Can't wait to see how God adds to your family!

  2. Oh, blessings in the journey! How exciting! We are in the process as well but from Haiti this time and it is going very slowly to say the least. But God is in control and his timing is perfect, right? I keep telling myself that daily.


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