Thursday, August 9, 2012

Check Out ESSENCE mag: Article on Transracial Adoption

The September issue of ESSENCE magazine should hit stands any second.     On pages 160 and 161, transracial adoption is explored.    We are THRILLED to be a part of this article!   Both my blog, a family photo, and quotes from me are featured.    I'm honored to be a spokesperson for the transracial adoption community, and I hope I've made you all proud.


SheilaNchicago said...

Just read the article in Essence! You guys rock!!!!

Mekey Gabriel said...

What a beautiful family you have. I applaud your efforts to teach them about the unfortunate things they may encounter from small minded individuals both black and white. The main thing children need is love and acceptance at home and it seems your children receive that in abundance. I pray God's continued blessings for you and your family. said...

Hi Rachel,
This is your cousin, Heather. We were visiting Grandma in Wisconsin this weekend, and she told me about your blog. I love it, can't wait to read more! Your little girls are so beautiful - you must feel very blessed. I have two boys of my own and every day is a new adventure!

Anonymous said...

You have been blessed with a beautiful family. I wish you much love, health and happiness.

shamers said...

I want to read the article but didn't grab the magazine and now I'm afraid I'm too late to find it on the newsstand. Do you know if it will be available online? I googled around but didn't find it.

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