Thursday, August 2, 2012


In mid-July, my husband and I planned a staycation to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.      We packed up the kids, dropped them off with friends, and spent twenty-four hours ALONE.

A staycation can be incredibly lovely for a few reasons:
1:  It's cheaper than staying in a hotel.
2:  It's more comfortable than staying in a hotel.
3:  It's closer (for us) to the kids if something were to come up.

We ate out twice (Thai---yum, and at a local restaurant we were dying to try together---where we ordered drinks, entrees, sides, and dessert!), we walked, we took a nap, we slept in the next morning, we ate ice cream and watched a movie, we drove down a local historical street to house-gaze, we read, and we shopped (drumroll please...) at a dollar store.   

What we didn't do:   clean, wash dishes, do laundry, rush, run errands, talk on our phones, answer emails, or watch crappy tv. 

It was bliss.

It's incredibly easy to put your marriage on the back burner while you raise kids, work, and take care of the house.   I highly recommend a staycation.  The 24 free hours we had was relaxing, fun, and inspirational.    


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