Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Best Racially Diverse Children's Bibles and Faith Books

Let's get real.

Many of us who are white grew up believing Jesus was white, too. Like glowing, pasty white. 

I remember the first time I saw an unapologetic portrait of a melanin-poppin' Jesus. My hubby and I were with our youngest daughter at Sweetie Pies, a popular soul food restaurant here in St. Louis. Whoa! 

The longer we've been parents in a multiracial family, the more I've committed to finding resources for our kids that teach them that they matter. I want them to see themselves EVERYWHERE and learn they can be who they want to be, dream what they want to dream, and enjoy the variety of life. 

I've shared many times that we love all types of music in our house, and yes, we listen to country. Did you know that there are contemporary, incredible Black country artists? Darius Rucker, Mickey Guyton, Kane Brown, and Jimmie Allen?  

Being a parent by transracial adoption means you're always searching, changing, learning, and growing. You're always doing the research, the work, that it takes to raise kids of color.

I believe that books are powerful resources for multiracial families. They are tools to conversations. They are tickets to imagination.  

The books we read our kids matter. They matter a lot. And you'll know it the first time your child points to a book character and says, "Mommy, he looks like me!" 

I share many book suggestions on Facebook, especially new releases, but you can also find great lists here, including:

Today's focus is on the best racially diverse children's Bibles and faith books. As a Christian, I want my child to know that pasty white Jesus never existed, and I want them to grow up loving God. (Read all about our church experience here.) These books help us do just that!

So here you go! Click on the book cover to read descriptions and reviews, peek inside, and purchase if you wish.  

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